double glazing cheshunt

Double glazing Cheshunt

For an energy efficient home, should you look to update or replace your windows when the time comes to make a change? Since over a quarter of the energy burned by heating and air-con systems is used to counteract the effects of the heat passing through your doors and windows, this is an important issue for anyone wishing to reduce their fuel bills or improve the energy rating of their premises.
If you are happy with the condition of your current double glazing Cheshunt homes can still be made more environmentally friendly by taking measures to improve the performance of the existing fixtures. Most of these types of improvements are things which can be done with little building experience, using materials from DIY stores. The first task – which costs nothing – is to check for air leaks around the edges and corners of the frames and panes. Even on a windy day, if you feel a draught from your double glazing Cheshunt specialists may be worth a call. If you want to address the problem yourself, try using caulking and weatherstripping to cover the gaps.
Other measures you can take yourself include installing insulated shades and window quilts. These are good for keeping your property warm in the winter, while limiting the sunlight entering a room in the summer by means of curtains or blinds can keep it cool. If you live in a property which still has single glazed windows, secondary glazing is a good option which is a step toward the double glazing Cheshunt homes usually feature. Window coverings such as awnings or exterior blinds also offer protection.
Taking the time to put such measures in place may help you to improve your home in the short term, but when it’s time to order new double glazing Cheshunt householders really have the opportunity to make significant savings in terms of their energy bills. One of the advantages of pre-fabricated double glazed units has always been that you can order whatever configuration and specification suits your purposes best, so why not talk to our team and find out how you can commission fixtures which will fit in with your home and improve its energy performance too? Here at North London Glass we have trade experience along with an inside knowledge of the industry which can point you in the right direction and get you a great deal on whatever windows you choose to install.
Think about what design of windows would be perfect for your home. Would you go for clean, modern, white UPVC, or a realistic and tactile wood effect? Which thickness of glass will you choose? For those who are truly concerned about efficiency, it’s the energy star rating of each model you will want to consider first, as these are directly related to how much more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run your home will become.
It’s a lot to think about, but North London Glass can help you decide. For modern energy efficient double glazing Cheshunt customers should give us a call today.