double glazing essex

Double glazing Essex

For centuries, glazed windows were seen as the standard to aspire to in home construction. A transparent material which lets light in while keeping the weather out? Who could ask for more?
Well, in fact we did, and what we got remains the standard window and door system for residences up and down the country and across the world today. Thanks to double glazing Essex households no longer need to fear the winter like they would some slow, relentless predator whose annual appearance is as inexorable as it is predictable. But who would have thought that putting two panes of glass where only one was before would make such a difference?
It makes perfect sense, actually. Mountaineers and other outdoorsy-types have long known about the thermal advantages of layering, although likely few of them ever thought to apply it to their homes. Their tents, maybe. If your out hiking in a cold environment, wearing two thin layers of clothing will keep you warmer than one thick one, all other things being equal. That’s because the air between the layers becomes trapped and acts as a thermal barrier between the cold air outside and the warm you inside.
In the years before double glazing Essex residents used to make their beds with combinations of blankets, rather than the duvets most of us use today. This was because each individual layer had that same barrier effect, and with enough blankets households could sleep soundly even when the temperature in the bedroom fell into single figures.
These days the thermal layering effect still persists, it is just the boundaries of the habitable zone which have changed. Instead of using blankets to trap the air beneath the sheets, we use layers of glass to trap it within the room. Hence, with double glazing Essex homes now boast a distinct advantage over those dwellings of former times: the bedroom, rather than just the bed, is kept warm at night time, so we don’t have to face that awful shock of emerging into icy temperatures first thing in the morning! In fact, thanks to homes endowed with modern central heating systems and stylish double glazing Essex families can rise, take their breakfast, and begin their daily routines in their nightwear, should they so choose. That can only be an improvement over the winter days when I used to button up my coat before even leaving the bedroom!
Of course, double glazing is now ubiquitous and we all take it for granted. The only time most of us think about it is when our windows and doors are due for renewal. And when that time comes, you can come to us. That’s right, for double glazing Essex homeowners will find no better suppliers and installers than North London Glass. Our range of stylish and robust double glazing products will make your home stand out, while offering the very best in thermal insulation for those cold Essex mornings. Just get in touch with is to learn about our great deals.