double glazing hadham

Double Glazing Hadham

The biggest visual differences between homes built in the last three decades or so, and those which are older, must surely include double glazed windows and doors. It may be hard to imagine it now, but as many of us were growing up, there was only a single pane of glass between our squashed little noses and the ice cream van ringing its bell merrily as it dawdled down the street. Those balmy summer days didn’t issue much to challenge those basic home window installations – maybe the odd stormy summer downpour – but the world was bright, we were free, and we could have lived in mud huts with palm frond roofs for all we cared, except that the breakdancing kids with the ghetto blaster on the street corner would have laughed at us.
Fast forward six months, however, and an altogether different picture of 1980s suburban life begins to emerge. Think convection central heating systems which puff out a blast of tepid air which is cold by the time it reaches the outer walls. Think a layer of ice on the inside of the windows each morning! That’s right, before double glazing Hadham bedrooms felt like the setting for a Monty Python sketch (I say we had windows... etc)!
How things have changed in the years since. We no longer need an extra blanket on winter nights... in fact we no longer have blankets, we have duvets, although we called them ‘continental quilts’ back then. We no longer have to drag said blankets downstairs at six in the morning to huddle in front of the air vent in the kitchen, like an Inuit hunter hunched over his ice-fishing hole. And we no longer have to look out the window at the cold, grey dawn, imagining all the pound notes (remember them?) flying away in the form of breaths of slightly warm air leaking through the corners of the panes.
When tastefully appointed with duvets, combi-boiler driven radiator central heating systems and double glazing Hadham homes are these days much better equipped to stand up to cold winter mornings. It really is a team effort between all these advances which has changed things for the better. However, it’s your double glazing Hadham neighbours can see from the outside, so you better make sure it’s up to scratch. When Hadham residents come to North London Glass for their new domestic window systems, they are inevitably delighted at the range of choice available. That’s another difference between the windows of yesteryear and now – thanks to ‘modern’ double glazing Hadham homeowners can choose from a vast range of configurations, styles, and finishes. That’s because double glazing units are manufactured in factories to exact measurements, then shipped to your property and installed as a unit.
With our double glazing Hadham families need never fear the winter again. The insulating properties of the latest glazing systems give you full control over the internal environment of your dwelling, so now we can sing ‘Hot in the City Tonight’ and really mean it!